Thursday, 20 October 2016

How to add the same keyframe from the previouse keyframe.

So ive noticed with mac that if i hold down cmd + 1, it will add a new keyframe in the timeline from the same keyframe from the previous keyframe.   This is handy because now you dont have to copy and paste everytime you if you want to adjust each time from the same keyframe. For windows im not sure what key replaces the cmd key?, so im sorry i cant say for certain.

See the picture below for example.

Go to frame 2

Hold down cmd+1 and it will add a keyframe from the prevous keyframe.

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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Timeline/Frame panel not enough space?

Sometimes in Flash you get many layers in the timeline. Before you know it has so many layers you have to scroll down.

    So go to Timeline panel and click the right top corner for the drop down menu.
    In the menu you see word Short, activate by clicking on it.

   Click on Short

    After activating Short you see the layers and the timeline has been shorted a bit in height.
    Its does not change much, but if you have many layers then it saves time when scrolling and
    its easy when you have a small monitor. Thanks for reading and keep learning :)

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Usefull tips when animating.

It can be a bit annoying when you have to click the next frame each time.
The shortcut for going to the next frame is dot key = . or the previous frame is comma key = ,
Always name your layers even if its boring work, it can save you a lot of time searching
in the future when going back to animating.

For stick animating i use framerate 24 fps = 24 frames per second. 24 fps is the most realistic when you want to see nice and clear movement. Yes it goes really fast, but thats why you will need to animate frame by frame. Of course you can use the motion tween or classic tween for straight movement, but diagonal and dynamic movement you will need to do it frame by frame. Yes in CS 4 you can do diagonal tweening with motion tween, but i find it hard to finetune it. I have the feeling i have more freedom with frame by frame animation to do dynamic animation movements. Work hard and get better each time if its animating you really like to do.

Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

How to animate frame by frame with onion skin.

First click onion skin, second set the marker to two frames so that you can select the second frame. When you have the second frame selected, you will see a transparent element in my case its a stickfigure. Everytime you draw with a brush or other tool you can draw over the previous frame (The previous frame is now like a template for you to draw over). When done with the second frame just make a extra empty keyframe for the third keyframe by hitting F7 for Windows, for Mac its fn+F7 if you have a compact keyboard otherways its just F7.

Thanks for reading :)

How to Position all the frames from a animation at once.

First you need to click the small icon below the timeline. Once activated you can see 2 new things appearing as shown in the image below. When animating i really find this handy to use. Whether its for motion tween or frame by frame its a tool that essential for every animator to use. More tips and tricks about animating will be posted soon. Thanks for reading :)